Who We Are


Thank you for your interest in our activities! We, Let’s Talk Foundation, has closed our legal entity effective 30 November 2019. With this transition, we started a new form of team as community with volunteers and participants.

The information related to Let’s Talk Foundation is no longer updated after December 2019, including membership and  financial disclosure. We, Let’s Talk Community continue our activities towards our north star goals (why we started). We have been working since November 2011 and committed to continue our work 10 years at minimum. Your participation is very welcome. Should you have an interest in our activities, please contact from the form below (email).


Financial summary (-2018 as Let’s Talk Foundation)

Financial status is presented in Annual Report (Japanese only).

Members and Partners (-2019 as Let’s Talk Foundation)

Supporters in various forms are named “Members” of Let’s Talk Foundation. The detailed membership and partnership scheme is introduced in this following pages.


For other enquiries, please contact from Contact (email).