Let’s Talk Community (former: Let’s Talk Foundation) supports the people living in Sanriku area (north-east coastal Japan), especially in international communication skill and experience.


Brochure (as Let’s Talk Foundation, -Nov 2019)

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Komo’s English class@Rikuzentakata

This is our core activity since its start. Members commute Rikuzentakata and help the local participants learn English every month. Find more about Komo’s English class

Communication with the people overseas

We support the local people communicating with the people overseas.

Find more about Let’s Talk Ambassador and SCOA


Weekend Tour to Sanriku (Let’s Talk Tour)

We conducted a tour to the Sanriku, tsunami-hit area in order to connect the people beyond the area. Our members who know well about the area did volunteer guide for visitors and provided on in-person interaction and thus name this tour as “Let’s Talk” tour.

Motive for our work in Sanriku

Komo, the founder of Let’s Talk Foundation, wrote blogs when he first visited Sanriku after the tsunami and made his commitment to start this activity for the people there.