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Our Directors

TSUYOSHI KOMORI – Representative Director

Tsuyoshi is Representative Director and President of CORESCO Inc., as well as a Senior Fellow at Mercer Japan Inc.2014 portrait_2

Tsuyoshi started his career in 1991 at Nippon Life Insurance Company and worked in the sales & marketing and HR divisions at headquarters.  He joined McKinsey & Company in 2000, spending 4 years in Tokyo and 1 year in U.S. focusing on pharmaceutical products & healthcare, consumer goods and retail areas.

Tsuyoshi joined Mercer Japan in 2005, leading various organizational and HR-related consulting projects for clients going through M&A.   In March 2007, he was named Representative Director and President of Mercer Japan, and became responsible for the Far East region (Japan and South Korea) in February 2013.

In 2014, Tsuyoshi stepped down from management of Mercer Japan and founded CORESCO Inc. where he serves as Representative Director and President.  CORESCO Inc. provides external consulting resources to various consulting firms, including Mercer, and aims to build a new consulting business model leveraging on his unique professional network.  Tsuyoshi continues to be involved with Mercer Japan’s various activities through his current role as a Senior Fellow.

Tsuyoshi’s involvement in supporting Tohoku’s reconstruction started after the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011.  He founded Let’s Talk Foundation (“HANASO” Foundation) in March 2012.

As Representative Director, Tsuyoshi has been focusing on providing learning opportunities to boost the English-speaking population in Tohoku’s disaster-impacted areas, mainly via Komo’s English Class, aiming at med- to long-term economic recovery of the impacted areas through fostering international exchange.  He has committed himself to visiting Tohoku “every month for at least 10 years”, and his visits have exceeded 60 times, as of September 2014.


Hiroko is an HR Manager at an international retail company.ouda2

Hiroko started her career at Nihon Unisys in 1998, engaging in training engineers.  After studying in the U.K., she joined Mercer Japan Inc. in 2003 as a project manager in organizational and human resources consulting business.

Hiroko worked for Microsoft Japan Inc. as Senior HR Manager in charge of HRBP and later serving as a project leader for global HR policy implementation and company-wide initiatives. Since 2015, Hiroko works for an international retail company.

Hiroko started to participate in Komo’s English Class in Rikuzentakata, Iwate, as a volunteer coach in January 2012.  Since then, she has been visiting the disaster-hit areas more than once every month.  In addition to teaching English at Komo’s English Class, she is engaged in conducting volunteer tours, publishing, event planning, and other administrative activities for the Let’s Talk Foundation.   Hiroko has been Director of the foundation since 2013.

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