Run for Let’s Talk Foundation

Run for Let’s Talk Foundation is a spin-off fundraising activity of Let’s Talk Foundation, started by some of its members in 2015.

Use your running hobby to support children

The Run for Let’s Talk Foundation is a spin-off activity for fundraising, suggested and started by some of the members of the foundation. It is outside of Let’s Talk Foundation main activities.

Those who want to take part in supportive events other than the English classes, and even those who have never been to Rikuzentakata are also welcome. There are many ways that runners can support this cause, such as running a marathon or other long distance race, or even just jogging for a kilometer after work. Donations raised so far through  running events such as the Yokohama Marathon, Ichinoseki International Half Marathon, Cheer-up and Support Rikuzantakata Marathon, have been used for the SCOA English summer camp for children in Sanriku , and the Let’s talk Ambassador Program.

How the donation are used

The majority of the funds raised from the Run for Let’s Talk Foundation is donated to two programs, SCOA which sends children to an English summer camp, and Let’s Talk Ambassador which sends participants of Komo’s English Class at Rikuzantakata overseas.

※Click here to go to SCOA’s summer camp page. To go to Let’s Talk Ambassador’s page click here.


What inspired the members

It all started with a conversation at Komo’s English class in Tokyo, one of the activities of the foundation. “I like running marathons,” said a member.  “Me too,” said another.  After that, some enthusiastic members decided to make a group called the ‘Horoyoi running circle’ and took up running together at the end of January in 2015. In March of 2015, with support of members from Sanriku, Tokyo, and the USA, one of the members participated in the Yokohama Marathon, the first full marathon in his life.


This accomplishment created a sense of unity amongst all the supporters, both those in Yokohama and those far away. We thought “Wouldn’t it be fun to combine fundraising for the restoration of the Tohoku region with cheering for runners in marathon races?” From this, the Run for Let’s talk Foundation was created. All the runners whether a person who has just taken up running, a veteran marathoner, or someone who is returning to participate after a long break, run with their own goal and the fervent hope for the restoration of the Tohoku region.


We appreciate your warm and continuing support for our activities.

(Oishi, Kitara, Hiroko)