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After learning the scope of the damage caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake and the tsunami, we are committed to support the tsunami-hit area and the people until the day when every individual gains his/her strength and lives with confidence. In order to rebuild the tsunami-devastated area, we believe that it is vital that people, both domestic and international, remain connected and aware of the disaster area and its courageous people.

The first step in this effort is to ensure that the residents in the disaster affected area gain the appropriate skills to communicate effectively. We started ‘Komo’s English class @Rikuzentakata’ from November 2011 to provide English Language skills. Following the success of this initiative, in March 2012, the ‘Let’s Talk Foundation’ was established to organize efforts towards improving communications in English and ensuring individual stories and messaging was relayed out beyond Rikuzentakata.


Let’s Talk Foundation(Japanese:一般社団法人 はなそう基金 )

Representative Director

Tsuyoshi Komori


6 March 2012


Active contributor (volunteers)  143
Financial contributor (donation) 
Individuals   224
Organizations   9
(As of December 2015)


Supporting the residents in tsunami-affected area communication skill in English Komo’s English class@Rikuzentakata , Sending students to English summar camp Messaging out from the disaster-hit area: Publication, Interiew, Visit tours, etc