I have been placing great emphasis on the act of talking to each other. In  the process of restoration of disaster areas, the act of talking is very important for people to get together and to connect with overseas.  It is the act of talking that makes things happen among people.

I start a general incorporated associations and name it “Hanaso Kikin” or “Let’s Talk Foundation” to directly express my belief of “Let’s talk to begin with!” Having injected my personal fund, I ask for contributions from volunteers around the globe.

Missions of “Let’s Talk Foundation” (“Hanaso-Kikin”)
“Let’s Talk Foundation” will assume the following three missions  for the recovery and, with an aspiration for contributing to humanity, engage in not-for-profit activities.

  1. Pass on: Report various events related to the Great East Japan Earthquake to the world and  pass them on to the next generation, so that lessons we learned from the earthquake and its victims gain universal appeal.
  2. Catalyst : Promote bonds of friendship between people in disaster areas and those in other areas in Japan as well as those around the globe, in order to enhance human resources needed for the recovery.
  3. Support: Support businesses and related activities in disaster ares that promote the respect for human life, coexistence of human and nature, and utilization of what we have learned from the disaster.

As a first step, we continue to hold “Komo’s English Reading-Aloud Club” on a monthly basis in the city of Rikuzentakata and expect to expand the scope of our activities that carry out our missions.

2014 portrait

Let’s Talk Foundation
Representative Director Tsuyoshi Komoari


(Let’s Talk Foundation has closed its legal entity effective 30 November 2019. We shift to Let’s Talk Community.)