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Let’s Talk Foundation helps disaster affected people to learn English as a communication tool, hoping for them to be connected with the world and their area to become a most globalized place within Japan. We are holding various activities to connect people in the devastated area to people around the globe.

Let’s Talk Ambassador

”Let’s Talk Ambassador” is an activity to send participants of Komo’s English class at Rikuzantakata to overseas. The first program was a gratitude visit to Taiwan by Mr Teiichi Sato who is an owner of a seed shop (June). The second was Ms Yuuka Kumagai’s visit to Barcelona.
≫ For the detail, please visit Let’s Talk Ambassador


The Seed of Hope in the Heart(Memorandum of the tsunami and the recovery afterward, by Teiichi Sato)

Memoirs about the disaster and the restoration written by Mr Teiichi Sato, an owner of a seed shop. At first, an English version “The Seed of Hope in the Heart” was written by himself, and afterwards a Chinese version “在心中希望的種子” was completed. A Spanish version is under way. Mr Sato was not very good at English before the disaster, but he restarted learning English to work on his memoirs. The same goes for Chinese/Spanish versions.

≫ For the detail, please visit Teiichi Sato

Works of Poetry and Art, Rikuzentakata –  Overcoming the Great East Japan Earthquake – 」(Art book by Emi and Yumi Yoshida)

A book compiling poems, Tanka (a type of Japanese poem), and paintings by the twin sisters, Ms Emi and Yumi Yoshida who live in Rikuzentakata.  They have been creating their works since before the disaster.

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English Summer Camp (SCOA)

”SCOA” is a summer camp which annually takes place in Yamanashi Prefecture. Let’s Talk Foundation financially supports elementary/junior high school students in the disaster affected area to enable them to participate in this camp.

≫ For detail, please visit English summer camp (SCOA)

US-Japan High School Students Summit

“US-Japan High School Students Summit in Rikuzantakata” is an annual event as a part of JET programs, where high school students from Sanriku area and US get together, have discussions, and give presentations over theme.

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