Let’s Talk Ambassador

Let's Talk Ambassador

Let’s Talk Ambassador

Let’s Talk Foundation (current: Let’s Talk Community) started an activity named “Let’s Talk Ambassador Program” to send participants of Komo’s English Class at Rikuzantakata to overseas between 2012 and 2019.


Completed programs of “Let’s Talk Ambassador”

1: Teiichi Sato’s visit to Taiwan

In Jun 2014, Mr Sato gave a presentation on Chinese version of his memoirs about the disaster ”在心中希望的種子”.

Please find the Taiwan visit report

2: Yuuka Kumagai’s visit to Barcelona

Ms Yuuka Kumagai, a first-grade Jr. high school student (as of the visit) in Rikuzentakata, was sent to Barcelona. She offered her thanks to the local people face-to-face for their continuing supports and deepened their friendship.

Please find the Barcelona visit report

2: Yuuka Kumagai’s visit to Barcelona

Ms Yuki Konno and Mr Teiichi Sato visited Barcelona thanks to korekara japon and our lasting relationship.

Please find the korekara japon, Barcelona visit report


Objectives of “Let’s Talk Ambassador”

There are two purposes in this program.

1. Express gratitude for supports from overseas directly from the people in tsunami-affected area

Since soon after the Great East Japan Earthquake, the disaster affected people have been receiving encouraging supports/massages from overseas as well as the other domestic areas. Let’s Talk Foundation offers them opportunities to directly offer their thanks and also communicate their disaster experiences and present situation.

2. Assist in globalization for disaster affected people

The disaster forced the people in the devastated area to literally start from nothing. Let’s Talk Foundation’s concept is to revive the area to become a focus of world attention as well as make their life restored. Based on our concept, we offer the disaster affected people opportunities to get in touch with the world and assist in their global activities.


Introduction of Let’s Talk Ambassadors

– Teiichi Sato –

sato_san_photoThe owner of the seed/seedling shop “Sato Taneya” in Takata-Chou, Rikuzentakata City. He has been running his shop in the same area since before the disaster. His house which was also used as a shop had been swept away by the tsunami, but he luckily escaped and survived.

Although debts have been left, he started peddling seeds and seedlings by a small truck not to cause any inconvenience to his customers.  Afterwards he restarted his business, building a temporary shop by himself making use of debris at the site where his shop used to be.

Water supply facilities had been destroyed by the disaster, so he secured water by digging a 5-meter-deep well in his site. Mr Sato pieced together his stories in the memoirs “The Seed of Hope in the Heart” to leave his life-threatening tsunami experience, reconstruction of his shop, and wisdom learned from Rikuzentakata’s history and its geography after the disaster, which is to be handed down to future generations.

The memoirs was written in English at first. Mr Sato had not been good at English but made it through by self-study. He wrote down sentences in English because it’s too hard for him to express himself in Japanese; that is to say he wanted to place a slight distance between words and his mind. At the moment, the Chinese version was finished and translation of the Spanish version is under way. He also started leaning Chinese and Spanish to work on his memoirs, same as the English version.

Please find the Taiwan visit report


– Yuuka Kumagai –

A first-grade junior high school student in Rikuzentakata City. She has been a member of KOMO’s English Class at Rikuzentakata which takes place monthly since its start. She hoped to start a letter exchange with people overseas, reading over 100 letters such as Christmas cards from Barcelona. In the spring of 2013, she started writing letters to Barcelona and now has three pen pals.

In the summer of 2014, Let’s Talk Foundation gave a mission to Ms Yuuka, who had been continuing the letter exchange with pen pals in Barcelona for more than one year, to express her thanks for their supports. We financially supported her visit to Barcelona.

Please find the Barcelona visit report