English Summer Festival

Since the beginning of Let’s Talk Foundation,we aim to enlarge opportunities of the local people of the disaster areas coming into world-wide contacts. It is the same after our transition to Community.

From 2012 to 2015, we supported US-Japan high school student summit in Rikuzentakata financially, propose ideas in making arrangements, and work as a chair and facilitators. As the summit was planned to finish in 2015, our team started planning the next opportunity to continue the similar experience for a broader participants in Sanriku, which resulted in English Summer Festival in Rikuzentakata in 2016. English summer festival was held annnually from 2016 to 2019.


English Summer Festival in Rikuzentakata (2016-2019)

We wanted to provide a cross cultural communication occasion that any age group and gender nearby could join including Komo’s English class in Sanriku.  We want them to experience being able to communicate more in English so that they could understand that there are a lot of wonderful people in the world to open up their world, that was our pleasure to provide and the concept for holding this event. In the first year, the cost of the event was contributed to by the members of Let’s Talk Foundation, a charity run by the Run for Let’s Talk Foundation and crowd funding (CAMPFIRE).

US-Japan High School Students Summit (2012-2015)

This summit is intended that US high school students visiting Japan to study the Japanese language through the JET program of the Japan Founder, and Japanese high school students from the Kesen-area (Rikuzentakata, Ofunato, Sumita) meet and interact with each other.

On the day of the summit approx. 60 students (30 from the States and the other 30 from the Kesen-area) get together.  They are divided into some small groups; and after a productive group discussion on a given theme, each group is expected to give a presentation over the theme in front of all the participants.  The given theme, for example, in 2013, was “What is needed to increase the visitors to the Kesen-area from abroad?” We are firmly convinced that the students can share memorable experiences and learn invaluable lessons after finding their answers for the theme, overcoming various cultural differences and the language barrier.

The main organizer of the Summit is Mr Kiyoshi Murakami of AidTAKATA (not-for-profit organization for the restoration of Rikuzentakata).  The founder of Let’s Talk Foundation was deeply moved by his enthusiasm about giving the Japanese students in the Kesen-area an opportunity to meet those students from the States, and thus decided to cooperate with Mr Murakami to make the dream come true.

US-Japan High School Students Summit is hosted by AidTakata and sponsored by Japan Foundation and Let’s Talk Foundation. The first summit was held on July 21, 2012, followed by the second in 2013.  The third summit in 2014, unfortunately had to be cancelled on the very previous day of the summit because of the approach of the typhoon to this area, despite all our preparations for it.