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Use of the donation

The donation by supporters are used for the following projects:

  • English summer camp (SCOA) – Camp participation fee, transportation cost to send the students living in Sanriku area
  • US-Japan high school students summit – Logistics support fee
  • Let’s Talk Ambassador project – Transportation and accomodation fee support
  • Komo’s English class@Rikuzentakata – First English book for the participants, other operational costs
  • Other projects
Please find the detailed Financial statement in Who We Are > Financial.

* All the members of this Foundation serve without compensation. The transportation cost of the coaches of Komo’s English class@Rikuzentakata are paid by themselves. A part of transportation cost (petro and highway fee) is covered by the Foundation.


How to donate

As announced, we plan to dissolve the incorporation and transition the group into a volunteer community, effective 30 September 2019. After the transition, we may solicit supports including donations for the projects. Please contact us via the form for donate for the detail.

Information about members

Let’s Talk Foundation publish the member list to show our appreciation for support on our website and official reports, e.g. annual report (members and partners).  We also would like to invite you to our member-exclusive Facebook page which our members share up-to-date information regarding our activities and Sanriku area.

You will be requested to show your preference when making donation by clicking “Donate with credit card” button above (detail is in the following matrix). You will also be able to change your preference afterwards. Thank you for your interest to participate our activities.



Lets’Talk Foundation > How to Support > Donate