Location and Date

Komo's 英語音読会Due to pandemic, in-person classes are suspended.



Komo’s English class is held monthly at Rikuzentakata city, Iwate prefecture, Japan.

The following is the schedule of the monthly class in 2020. Please be minded the date may change without pre-notice. For those who are affected by the tsunami and would like to parcitipate in the class, please contact us via this website ( contact ).

2020 schedule

24-Jan 26-Jan
21-Feb 23-Feb
20-Mar 22-Mar
17-Apr 19-Apr
15-May 17-May
19-Jun 21-Jun
17-Jul 19-Jul
21-Aug 23-Aug
11-Sep 13-Sep
23-Oct 25-Oct
13-Nov 15-Nov
11-Dec 13-Dec