[Finished] Time Capsule Project for 2021

Komo’s English class@Rikuzentakata presents

Time capsule project to celebrate our 10th anniversary in 2021

We buried a time capsule in January 2015. The time capsule will be open in 2021, when we will have made our promise to continue support to the tsunami-affected area for 10years.

I learned that living every single day is not always easy nor granted. I admire the people in the area making a progress toward the future.You are the source of energy and inspiration for us. The time capsule will be open at Rikuzentakata in 2021.

Approx. 40 articipants are from Rikuzentakata, Tokyo and overseas. Thank you! I would like to thank for the sponsors who covered the materias costs, e.g. glass jar, and the excessing sponsor fee will be counted as donation.


The messages will be shared on our website. Names written on the message card will be open, however, the each participant’s contact information, e.g. home address, will kept confidential. Look forward to 2021!

Without your support, it was not possible to continue for three years. Thank you. With your support, we are going to continue our work in Sanriku area to help the local people communicate effectively outside of the area and make their life brighter.


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  1. [Finished] Karaoke train event in Sanriku

    A karaoke event at a chartered Sanriku train this year will be held on 5 December 2015. This is year-end gathering event to get to know and have great time with people in Sanriku and supporters from Tokyo and other areas.

  2. [Finished]US-Japan High School Summit in Rikuzentakata, 2015

    This is a cross-cultural event between high school students from US and Japan to discuss a topic, do a field-work study, and make a presentation with a teammate. This year, the summit is held on 11 July (Sat) from 9.00-17.00. We recruit volunteers who can facilitate each team throughout the day.